Welcome to Vineyard Kids!

We understand that you are entrusting your children with us during the worship time and we want to ensure the safety of your children. That is why we not only provide a place for your child that is exciting to learn the Bible, but a place that is also safe and clean as well. Our volunteers are taught how to respond in difficult situations and are in communication with our security team also. 

When you come, we provide each child with a numbered wrist band and we provide a corresponding wrist band to the parent(s)/ or adult(s) who drop off the child. Each child must be picked up by an adult that has the corresponding wrist band in order to make sure the child or children are being released to the appropriate care taker. This procedure is done for all children under our supervision.

Our Children's Ministry is divided by age into three groups:                                                                                   

Seeds (Babies - 2 year olds)                                                                                                                                                  

Sprouts (3 year olds - 1st Grade)                                                                                                                                          

Shrubs (2nd Grade - 5th Grade)                                                                                                                        

Each group will have a Bible lesson, prayer, and activities that are appropriate with their age to grow in the Word of God.

For more information about our Children's Ministry, please contact our Family Pastor: randy

Children ages birth to 2 years old

There will be a Bible lesson, prayer, and toys for the children to play with during their time. Our volunteers also clean the area, change diapers, bottle feed or provide snacks for the kids. The volunteers are required to wear gloves when changing diapers and clean everything as a precaution in order to keep everyone safe.

Children ages 3 to 1st Grade

These children will begin to learn how they can have a relationship with God through prayer and the Bible. The focus is on biblical truths such as God loves everyone, God created everything, and Jesus paid the price for everyone. They will learn through Bible lessons, prayer, and activities that are related to the lesson that day. 

Children ages 2nd to 5th Grade

In this class, the children will get to grow in their relationship with God through a Bible lesson, prayer, music, memory verses,  and activities related to the lesson. They will learn about Bible characters and begin to learn how they can serve God today with their gifts.

I'm new! What do I need to know?

Come early

Don't be stressed about making it to service on time! Be sure to come early to give yourself plenty of time to meet the team, drop your kids off, and grab a cup of coffee before heading into the sanctuary. 

Special Requirements?

Does your child require special attention? Including but not limited to:

  • Food allergies

  • Learning/Physical disabilities 

  • Circumstances at home

Reach out! We'd love to connect to see how we can serve your children best. 


Save time by registering your children early! 

We always want to know the specific needs of your family, so we can take care of your kids best. For this reason, we have all new families fill out a New to Vineyard Kids form. 

Email our Family Pastor if you have any questions.

New to Vineyard Kids Form

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