Reality Apologetics Conference

April 19, 2024 12:00am

Cost: $50.00

Contact: Randy ScheibRandy Scheib


Man or Maker: Who Says Who You Are?

Cosmic dust. That's all you are. The forces of nature combined with molecules in motion, and you came to be: a mere brute. No conscience. No morals. No meaning. You're nothing special. There's no grand plan for your life, either, other than the one you make up. You decide how to live. You do you. This is the tale that man tells you.

The Maker tells a different story about you. Before he made you, he knew you. He fashioned your frame. He breathed life into you. He stamped you with his image and now you're under his care. And like a master painter, he loves his creation. He loves you because he made you and you are his. You can flourish in his Kingdom. He even guides you through the letters of his Word.

These two tales compete for your attention. Each tries to tell you what you are, who you are, and how you should live. Only one is the true tale, however, while the other is a fairy tale. Only one satisfies you with true answers while the other distracts you with deception. So, who are you going to listen to: Man or Maker?

At Reality Apologetics, we know the world is loud. It's screaming for your attention. That's why we want to block the noise. We want you to listen to your Maker. We want you to hear what he has to tell you. Because he's your Maker, he knows the true you. He knows your story. He wrote the tale, after all. Why not listen to him?

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