Vineyard Kids Children's Ministry

Our Children’s Ministry is uniquely designed for children newborn through 5th grade. We believe children are a blessing from God and we are passionate about creating an environment that is safe, age-appropriate and fun where the Bible is taught in a creative and relevant way allowing children to grow in their relationship with Christ.

Upon check-in, we provide each child with a numbered wrist band and we provide a corresponding wrist band to the parent(s)/ or adult(s) who drop off the child. Each child must be picked up by an adult that has the corresponding wrist band in order to make sure the child or children are being released to the appropriate care taker. This procedure is done for all children under our supervision.

Our Children's Ministry is divided by age into three groups:                                                                                   

Seeds (Babies- 2yrs old)                                                                                                                                                  

Sprouts (3 yrs old - 1st Grade)                                                                                                                                          

Slingshots (2nd Grade- 5th Grade)                                                                                                                        

*Each bible study class has a time of prayer and interactive lessons based on their age groups. Each group gets to have fun and experience a world where children meet Jesus on their level!

seeds (Babies - 2 yrs old)

The Seeds Class is geared toward children ages birth- 2 yrs of age. During your child’s visit, they will be cared for both emotionally, physically and spiritually by our Vineyard Children's Team Members. Our Team Members will change diapers, bottle feed, provide a snack, hold, rock and comfort your child throughout their stay. In addition, children will participate in free play after Circle Time, where they are read a Bible story and will be prayed over before ending the class.

SPROUTS (3 yrs old - 1ST GRADE)

The Sprouts class is geared toward children ages 3 yrs old thru 1st Grade. Team Leaders are committed to helping our little ones understand worship and encourage them to talk to God any time and any place. Our team will lead your children through a meaningful bible lesson, followed by an exciting activity or craft. Lessons are kept simple and fun, and focus on one of the following three foundational truths: God made me; God loves me; Jesus wants to be my friend forever. It is our hope that these truths take a firm hold of our children's hearts and are carried with them for the rest of their lives. 

slingshots (2nd GRADE - 5th grade)

Each Sunday, in our SlingShots class, your children are invited to participate in a safe, fun and purposeful time of worship and teaching to learn more about God. We are committed to helping your child grow in every aspect of their relationship with Jesus Christ and knowledge of His Word. Our Team Leaders have a passion for serving in children’s ministry and have a deep desire to see children know, love and serve Christ.

For more information about our Children's Ministry, please contact us: